Worseley Man’s Violent Death

by westcorkosteology

The BBC and A Blog about History report that Worsley Man, discovered in a bog in 1958, has recently undergone a CAT scan.  The male, aged at 20-30,  appears to have been “bludgeoned over the head, garrotted then beheaded.”  Evidence also suggests a ligature around the neck.  Lindow man, thought to have lived 150 year earlier than Worseley (50BC), may also have been garrotted, and had his throat slit.  So far, there are no images available from the back of the skull.  The beeb has a nice little video above, but far too short.


CAT scan of Worsley Man, staples holding the skull together are in blue.

The skull was scanned by staff of the Radiology department of the Manchester Children’s hospital.  Ever wondered how one scans a skull?  That’s how:


While researching this, I came across this snazzy video on the Hudermose Woman, of whom I had not previously heard.  Can’t beat those bog bodies.